We’re Moving!

This past decade has been like the worlds longest road trip.  My husband’s job, with Harley Davidson, had moved us from our hometown Kansas City to Oxford, AL January 2007.  We Quickly fell in love with the Southern hospitality and warm weather.  Olive You Photography was founded in July of 2007, and quickly grew.  Late 2009 Harley announced they were closing the their facility in AL and moving it to Yucca, AZ.  We were blessed to be able to move with the company, in the spring of 2010.  We didn’t even get all our boxes unpacked when the company suggested another move to Wisconsin October 2011.  Working at the Product Development Center was a career dream of his so we felt like WI would be our home till retirement.  BUT…opportunity for his career growth knocked and again we find ourselves ready to move.  This time we are relocating to hometown of Kansas City.  All of my family is in Kansas City and I am looking forward to being close to them again.  We will be closing the studio at the end of this month, but will continue to serve the Milwaukee area on location through mid June, 2016.  It is going to take a little more than three clicks of my ruby slippers, but the saying is true, “There’s no place like home.”Olive You moving