What to look for in a Senior Portrait Photographer

New Berlin, WI Portrait studio Senior photo

New Berlin, WI Portrait Studio Senior Photo, Olive You Photography

Your senior portraits are pretty monumental. Just think about it, the next time you will invest in quality portraiture will most likely be at your wedding!  There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a portrait studio or independent photographer.  Some photographers will offer a session and a disc at a flat rate, and some photographers will offer a combination of session fee, printed portraits, and/or digital files.  BUT do your research before you book.  Look closely at the quality of their images, most photographer’s only advertise with there best images. Beware of the term, Soft Focus, it is a really nice way of describing out of focus. There are a lot of great photographers to choose from so don’t fret, instead schedule a consultation where you can review more images, get to know their policies and customer service.  Do ask questions: Do you archive my images, what happens if we need to reschedule, what is your photographic experience, how long have you been in business, do you have any references or reviews?

Try to find the photographer that fits your budget and portrait needs, but don’t choose a photographer just because they are the least expensive, many portrait studios offer interest free payment plans.  It is a good idea to start searching now for your senior portrait artist because you will want to be photographed before the summer’s end and most photographer’s book quickly once spring begins.  Some studio’s also offer a representative program that will help you earn discounted or FREE portraits and this is also the time to apply for those programs. Olive You Photography is currently looking for 2016 Reps and you can get more information at our info session March 23rd at 5:30.




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