It’s Holiday Time

The ringing of the Salvation Army bells are in the air. Even though the stores are beginning to fill with holiday decor earlier and earlier, it is officially the Holiday season when I hear those Salvation Army bells ringing outside the store fronts. They resound with generosity and compassion reminding us that giving a little can make a big difference. Then, there are the amazing anonymous donations of gold and silver coins across the nation, that fill the news with much needed stories of Hope. It is the season of hope! This is the time of year where you see so many people joining together in fellowship and sharing traditions that create memories. The sounds, the smells and of course the flavors of the season have become ingrained in our minds. I am excited to see the magic unfold this holiday season, and to share with you some of my favorite holiday traditions. I would like to invite you to be my guest this holiday season and follow my blog as I share holiday crafts, recipes, and quirky stories of being a busy mom and artist during this festive time of year!

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