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Olive You Photography in New Berlin, WI

It was the hardest time of my career, I couldn’t imagine that when I started Olive You Photography in July of 2007 in Oxford, AL, that I would have to say goodbye to so many who had invited me to be part of their families in March of 2010.  The round faces of nearly three year olds that I had first photographed when they were days old held my heart captive; my mind raced with ideas on how, why, and what if!  But I knew without question that I would follow my husband and his job to Arizona, even if it meant the deep heartbreak of saying goodbye to our friends and family in Oxford.

The Arizona desert is a dry and quiet place where one can reflect and collect the pieces of a broken heart and dream.  I felt lost and anxiety flooded my mind.  Why did I have to go to such a barren place?  Needless to say I had nowhere to look but to a higher power for restoration.  I prayed, pulled my bootstraps up and started anew.  It wasn’t the end of the world after all.  I began to form friendships with some amazing women who prayed for me, my family, and my business.  One by one those pieces around me were placed carefully back together.  We opened the doors to our new studio and as life settled around us, we received the news that my husband’s job, you know the one we relocated to Arizona for just 14 months prior, would be terminated in the few months to follow.  SHOCK and AWE!  Here we were again saying goodbye, but this time with no destination ahead of us and barely recouped from our last cross country relocation.  When the opportunity to transfer again with my husband’s company arose, we jumped.  And yes, we were off on our second relocation in two years.  This time we faced a new challenge: we had bought a home in Arizona and property values were steadily declining, and we were engulfed in the great phenomenon of being at the mercy of the buyer’s market.  My husband went to live in Wisconsin, while my two little girls and I held down the fort in Arizona.  After months of this involuntary separation, my girls and I joined my husband in Wisconsin.
We found ourselves in one of those quiet places again, but this time not as barren.  We rented a cottage off of Lake 5, and Wisconsin welcomed us with an unseasonably warm spring.  Listening to the wind through the trees, the waves rocking the dock, and the hope of creation blooming all around us, we found a peace in the sovereignty of God.  Humbled, I began questioning what God wanted me to do?  What was I supposed to do with Olive You Photography?  The answer, wait and trust.  For those who know me and those of you who I will hopefully meet soon, waiting and trusting are not my strongest attributes.  But that is what I did, as each week passed I began to trust more.
Waiting, for our house in Arizona to sell, and it did.  Waiting to find a home, we did.  And then waiting on finding a home for Olive You Photography, and we did!  It has been over a year since we moved to Wisconsin, and finally we opened the doors to our new studio in New Berlin, WI in July of 2013!  I am eager to begin this new chapter of Olive You Photography, and to serve such a great community!  I wanted to also say thank you to the community of New Berlin for the warm welcome you have extended and Olive You Photography is blessed to call New Berlin, WI HOME!

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